The NyMBVS 5

The NyMBVS 5 (pronounced nimbus) is what you get when you put together 5 conceptually unique Long Island musicians who find joy in creating and playing original music.

Nimbus clouds are the ones we look at when we try to find shapes in the sky. If you look at one long enough it shifts and changes just a little. Our music is like that, varied and progressing. Each of us has added their stamp to the music, our collective efforts creating that magical something that can only come from a hive mind. The lowercase “y” is pointing out where we’re all from – New York. The roman numeral 5? Well, that should be obvious.

But what are we all about?

Original music. Lovingly crafted arrangements. Good people. Great times.
We’re all about that.

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This is what we do…

If you’re wondering how we handle a restaurant or bar crowd… Good music gets people excited regardless of genre. This clip is from Charlotte’s Speakeasy, one of our favorite places to play and you can see why!

“Just Happy To Be Here” was part of an encore SET we played over at Industry in Huntington. It’s not everyday a crowd wants a whole extra set, but we gave it to ’em and rocked the house!

We were fortunate to be able to perform at the newly renovated East Meadow Library recently. One of the best parts of having a group comprised of many musical backgrounds is that we are capable of quickly shifting gears and connecting with any audience, offering both entertainment and education when the performance calls for it. Here is an example of both!

Sunday Jazz Brunch? Yeah. we can do that. A little “All of Me” to give you a taste!

Good. and you?

This is the title track of our album “Good. And You?” Recorded over at Coop Studios in late 2020, we offer this track here as enduring tribute to the late Chris “Crispy Chicken” Laybourne. He was an incredible sound engineer, a peerless performer, and the best human being anybody could ever hope to meet. We were lucky to have him. He would have wanted you to feel the music – so here it is.

Photos in slideshow and band profile pics by Nat Sparaccio

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The Band

Damien Pacheco – Composer/Arranger Trumpet – Vocals

Joe Devassy – Composer/Arranger – Trombone

Cameron Escovedo – Drums

Brian Watala – Electric Guitar

Keenan Zach – Acoustic and Electric Bass