Original Music

Damien’s compositions are organic, catchy, thought-provoking, deep and constantly in a state of evolution.

– Hal Galper

Sunday Sermon

Sunday Sermon had a single thought behind it – take people to a church we could all come together and celebrate in. With music acting as the unifying force, it doesn’t matter what you believe in for this tune to get you clapping and grooving along with us! This clip was recorded live at Big Daddy’s in Massapequa with Brian Watala on Guitar and Keenan Zach on Bass. 3 of the NyMBVS 5 representing!


I sprained my knee the day I wrote this. My chops had been feeling funny. COVID was (and is) still rampant. The gig scene was (and is) in dire straits. It’s enough to get a guy down, but then I got to thinking about all that I was blessed with and this is the result.


The Long Island Jazz scene wouldn’t exist without guys like Al Cardillo (Bass), Frank Bellucci (Drums) and Vinny Loccisano (Piano). Every Sunday and Wednesday night at Sophia’s Bistro in Amityville you can hear these guys and many wonderful local artists while enjoying some of the best food and drink anywhere. These guys, professional as they are, were kind enough to let me debut an original piece ON SIGHT. I had written this song the day the read it (literally, it was 5 hours old), and we captured it for you. Only a small clip mind (you just had to be there), but these guys did an incredible job bringing “Blossom” to life.