A little Bye Bye Blackbird with Deep pockets @ Charlotte’s Speakeasy. I particularly enjoy the part where it dawns on me that I probably should have put my microphone down prior to soloing. I managed!

This little clip was actually recorded during a wedding with the wonderful pianist Abe Nouri. This is my solo in You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To.

Pretty sure most folks will recognize this tune. The NyMBVS 5 was in the house at Big Daddy’s for Father’s Day and we laid this classic on them!

This short solo is from a recent Swingtime Big Band rehearsal. I had a good feeling about the tune (which I was sight-reading at the time) and lo and behold, this tiny gem of a moment popped out. The Swingtime Big Band truly encapsulates that bygone era of Big Band Swing and to see that music performed live is a real treat that transcends the years. Good music is good music, and Swingtime makes available to the masses some of the best ever composed!

Engage Future Sight was a poem I wrote after the improvised music came. My friends over at sent me the Hoodie and Shirt depicted and after I thought about all the reasons I grew my fro out, all this followed. The horn is an Adams A4 Custom for those who are curious.